Tree Spirits Custom Chainsaw Creations

Nate VandenBos witha Tree Spirit sculpture

Nate VandenBos, Chainsawyer

"As a sculptor I facilitate at the intersection of light and shadow. I honor trees by turning them into works of art."

Featured in the April 2007 issue of Encore Magazine. Click below to read the article!

Encore Magazine link

Shown here is a small selection from Nate's large body of work executed by chainsaw alone, or chainsaw plus paintbrush, and even a mural.

Most are commissions, some are for sale.

Nate is now officially retired from this phase of his creative life and is devoting his efforts to fingerpainted portraits.

He is no longer accepting commissions for chainsaw carvings.

We hope you enjoy this retrospective of his work.

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John Lennon Paul McCartney George Harrison Ringo Starr
The Beatles
Rio Jesus The Hermit Nutcracker Fishermen
Highwaymen Pirate Golfer
Painted Indian Seated Indian Wolf Indian Spear Indian
Angel Tree Spirit Wood Nymph Staff Wizard
2 bears Trout Bear Roaring Bear Bear with Man
Opera Bear Father Robear Bear in Progress Animal Totem
Kissing Couple Tree Spirit Voyageurs
Denny's Saws Nate Carving Tree Nate Sculpture Nate Tree Spirit
Big Eagle Guitarist Guitar Banjo Owl Stump
Toy Train Heron Painted Totem
Horse Head Totem Face Cougar
Office Sign Harley Part Man in Moon
Angelfish Moose Head Moose
Coyotes Cat Pumpkin Mona Lisa


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